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When is the best time to wean a baby from the boob.

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Caitlyn has been sick so shes turning my boob into a binky, I have been up all night feeding her and I think that shes close to the age that I should switch.

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There really is no set time that is right. It's different for everyone. Some women breastfeed their children until they're 5 or older. If you feel the time is right to wean, go for it. Get some bottles or sippy cups and either pump or give her formula. It will probably take her a little while to get used to it, but just be persistent. She'll have to make the switch sometime!
The accepted "norm" is 1 year.  The CDC suggests BFing to 2 years for optimal nutritional value.  But, as VforVenture said, some children want it longer.  It is all about what is best for your family.

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