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when can i start teaching my baby to walk?

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at what month is my baby ready to walk without any damages, if any?

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You really can't "teach" a baby to walk. All children are different and will develop skills at different times. Some babies start pulling up and cruising furniture early at 7 months, others take longer and don't start until 12 months. The average age that babies start walking on their own is somewhere between 10 months and 18 months. Anything in that window is normal. Just let your baby develop on his or her own, don't force anything, especially walking. Walking takes a lot of coordination from the whole body and trying to make a child walk before they're ready can be dangerous. Be patient, your baby will walk when the time is right.
Not only that, but why rush it?  The best part about your baby not walking is that YOUR BABY IS NOT WALKING.  Walkers mean a whole other level of baby-proofing, not to mention increased mobility and the dangers that come with.  My son walked, and the next week he was climbing stairs, furniture, chairs, tables, and all the rest.  I miss the days he wasn't walking! Your baby will walk when he or she is good and ready to walk.  You'll know it's coming when they start pulling themselves up to standing.  As soon as you see that, you can let them hold onto your hands and "walk" them along.  But you'd also better do another round of babyproofing, because trust me, even if you don't think they can get up there - THEY CAN.
Baby's all walk in their own time. My daughter pulled to a stand around 7 months and could climb chairs shortly there after. She cruised around furniture and we thought she was going to walk early. She waited until she was 15 months to walk. My friend has a baby 4 days younger and he did not pull to a stand or crawl until he was 10 months. He started walking the same week as my daughter. Babies are all different and will develope in their own time.

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