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When can my baby start to hear me talking to it?

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I am currently 3-4 weeks pregnant. I often cath myself rubbing my stomach and talking to the baby but don't know if it can really hear me. Does anyone know when your baby can start to hear mommy and daddy?

answers (9)

A baby's ears are developed enough to start hearing by about 20 weeks.
your unborn baby is not an "it". he or she is an actual person that just happens to be growing inside of your body.
I'm unsure of the answer to the question but I always have been a firm believer of our babies being babies at conception! Talk away friend ;0)
dont worry im only 8 weeks and this is my first. i talk to my baby all the time about everything. the way i feel, the way the babys daddy makes me feel. i even talk to my baby while im at work. i believe even though he or she aint all the way developed that he or she can hear me no matter what, but thats just me believeing what i believe.
<p>Pinkpaisley what would u call it at 4 weeks when u don't know what it is .. No one asked you rude ass bitch .. obviously she's talking to it so she knows its a person but when forming a sentence ya just don't know what to say when you don't know what it is .. U should keep your comments to yourself that was very rude ..
Im 7 weeks and i pray with, talk and sing to my baby. There are times when i allow relaxation music to play so that my lil one can hear it. I agree with soon as my baby was baby was "my baby". its nice to know that im not the only person whos doing this. This is my first pregnancy and im a little nervous and anxious all at the same time. So if you ladies have any advice that will help.....I AM LISTENING!!! LOL!!!
I have referred to my baby as it before, not on purpose. Give the girl a break. I read the baby can hear you at 20 weeks. :) And I am well aware the baby is a baby at conception. Geez no wonder we can't win the pro life argument. Get ya some Jesus!
I talk to baby, sing to her using her special name which I have given her. She's 8 weeks along.
Great feedback! You ladies Crack me up..I was thinking the same thing when the chick freaked out because the baby was called an "it" ignorance is bliss. ;D congrats to everyone who is expecting! I'm eight weeks today. I'm exited to know my little bean will be able to hear me in 12 weeks!

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