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when can u give a baby baby cereal

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cereal in the milk

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its not good to give babys baby cereal it there bottle or baby food or anything like that if your gonna give it baby cereal or baby food give it to the baby with a baby spoon because when babies are drinking their bottle they cant tell when their full so they will drink and drink and drink and drink and if the baby cereal or baby food is in the bottle mixed with the milk they wont be able to tell the difference and it can strech their stomach and cause obesety when there like 1,2,3,4 and older and you should always wait untill the baby is 4 months to start the baby on baby cereal and baby food unless the baby seems like it needs more then just milk or the doctor tells you its ok to go ahead and start the baby on baby cereal and baby food
I've been told to wait until 5-6 months to begin feeding baby cereal
Most babies are good to start at 4 months.  Our peditrician gave us the go ahead for solids at 4 months we waited until our daughter was 6 months to start her on foods though.  YOUR DR. IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN DETERMINE IF YOUR CHILD IS READY.  Also, you do not have to start with ceral, you can start with veggies or fruit, or anything really, it just depends on what your baby is ready for.
if there is no history of obesity in your family, then there is no reason to wait until 6 months. my daughter was taking cereal in her bottle at 5 weeks, with the ok from her ped. however, you may want to consult with him/her first.
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