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When can you start to feel the baby move from the outside?

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I am sixteen weeks pregnant and I can feel the baby moving inside of my womb, but how long will others and myself be able to feel the baby move when we place our hands on the outside of my stomach?

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It will be a while before someone else can feel your baby move. With each of my pregnancies (I'm on my third now) I felt movement for several weeks before my husband was able to. Your baby has to big enough and strong enough before others can feel kicks and punches. My husband just started feeling kicks a couple of days ago and I'm 21 weeks along. It's also going to depend on how your baby is positioned. If your baby has it's back out it will kick and punch inside you and no one will be able to feel it. If your baby is belly out kicks and punches will be felt by others. Other people were definitely able to feel my babies move sometime between 20 and 25 weeks along.

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