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When do babies start making more sense when talking

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So, my son is almost a year old. I keep reading that they should be have a few words they say. My son just does "baby babble" none of it makes any sense to anyone but him. He was saying "mamama" before, just to say it. Not associating with me, now he says "uh-oh" associated to when things fall. But that's the extent of it. I call it baby babble when they just make noise. I am worried becuase I feel like he's behind. I am just trying to get feelers out. He was born about 2 weeks early, via csection. I had placenta abreava, but he was out within hours of being diagnosed. Thanks for your help.

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if you are concerned about his speech, then talk to his ped. he could give you a better idea of what's going on, since he knows your son's medical history better.
The ped doesn't think anything is wrong.  He says as long as he's making baby babble noises not to worry.  I was just wondering when other little boys started.  I know girls do things sooner then boys, so my mom and sister aren't much help with this. 
My son was well past a year before he started making sense when he talked. He is four now and he is finally making sense (still has problems with certain words). I thought he had a speech problem but he is fine and the Dr had told me not to worry as well. So I would not worry about it. Hope this helps :)
Your son is ALMOST a year old which mean he shouldn't make any sense.  He should start to say more words between 18-24 months, but even then it might sound like just noise, but he is making noise which means he has learned to use to tongue, lungs and mouth.  Talk to your dr if your worried but sounds like you have nothing to worried about.  good luck!
Thanks Lala and Milliesmom.  I just worry (like most moms) of him being behind, he was very late crawling (9months old) we just woke up one day and he was crawling, no "I am trying this out" motions. 
I completely understand :) but I am sure he will come around.

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