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When do I know when I'm in labor?

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When do I know when I'm going into labor? like what are all the possibilities ? from where is the pain starting, to back pains, and all that.

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I always wondered that when i was pregnant too !! truth is youll know when you go into labor theres no way you will be able to ignore it, its too painfull to ignore when you have contractions a pain in the lower part of my stomach and back in my case, were pains that wouldnt even let me move every 5 min !! soo trust me you will know you need to go to the ER.. Or also if your water brakes you have to go to the hospital right away !! Or i heard some women dont go into labor so they have it induced... My mom told me to drink a hot tea when i started feeling contractions and she told me to go in the shower with hot water before going to the hospital that a warm bath helps you open and relax i think it did help me... good luck dont worry time flys and by the time you even notice pain is gone and you have your little angel in your arms !! =)
You'll know. You might have Braxton-Hicks contractions for a while before you go into labor. Those generally stop if you walk around and they don't get stronger/more painful. Real contractions will get stronger, will feel more painful and will get closer together. You may have some pain or discomfort in your lower back and you may feel some downward pressure with real contractions. Time them (you can find online timers or apps for your phone) and when they are 5 minutes apart and are 1 minute long for an hour it's time to go to the hospital.
You might have some aching in your lower back and you can feel some heavy pressure in your lower area together with your actual contractions. You won’t feel this with Braxton-Hicks. Honestly though, you will know when you go into labor; you will take notice in the difference in symptoms if you have had Braxton-Hicks before you experience the real contractions.

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