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I felt my daughter move at around 15 weeks. I didn't feel her move regularly until about 20 weeks. The first time I felt her move, it was a little flutter. I would describe it as popcorn popping in my tummy. It was so subtle that I was kind of like, did she move? I think she moved. I told my old man and he thought I was imagining things.
First one was 18 weeks and 2nd was 16 weeks. 
I felt my baby move at 16 weeks. I was a work and I felt this little flutter! It was the coolest feeling!
i felt movement at 3 1/2 months
i felt movement at 3 1/2 months
i felt her at 15 weeks and it got more reg at 17 weeks
I felt a movement at 13 weeks ( I had twins) it felt like butterflies just fluttering away in my belly. Then it progressed to knuckles and  hand prints!!
i felt my first daughter move at like 17 weeks she might have flutterd before that but i didnt notice it much im 11 weeks with my second baby yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i havnt really felt anything yet but hopfully she might start moving soon
I felt my first as around 16 or  17 weeks and then it became every day late at night an my tummy would look like it was doing the Wave... My 2nd my son he just kicked and punched alot around 15 or 16 weeks
I am also pregnant with twins, (second pregnancy) I felt them first move around 12 weeks, litle "flutters" just like I began feeling with my daughter around 16 weeks the first time.


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