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When do you first get pregnancy symptoms?

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My ovulation period was just last week and I was wondering when you first started showing signs of pregnancy. I've been pregnant before, but I cannot remember. This is partially due to the fact that I was very stressed out and contributed any and all symptoms as stress and/or a late period. No, I have not given birth-I lost my baby two weeks after finding out that I was pregnant. Anyway, any answers would be helpful. Thanks in advance!!

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Pregnancy symptoms don't start until after implantation, which is at least a week, sometimes almost two weeks after the egg is fertilized. Then it can take a week or so for the level of hcg to get high enough to start producing the other hormonal changes that cause things like morning sickness, breast tenderness, etc.With my third pregnancy breast tenderness and tiredness started about a week after I ovulated, but I knew exactly when I got pregnant so those may have been somewhat psychosomatic. Morning sickness started at about 6 weeks both times I had it.
Okay.  So, wait about two weeks?? Gotcha.  Thanks V!
mine did'nt start until 7 to 8 weeks though it is all person by person , mine mother had nothing other than the missed period and some slight ligament cramping with myself and my sister. I am only 11 weeks and they continue but are getting less and less , all depends on your body though.

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