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When do you start to ween child off formula?

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from formula to milk when is the right time

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At one year old.  At that point, you'll have already been giving your child solids, and they'll be eating a wide enough variety of solids to use that as their nutritional base.  Until that point, your child has been getting most of their nutrition from the formula, so you shouldn't wean them before they're ready.
We did it between 12-16 months.  I started mixing milk with her formula for a while so she would get use to it.  But the bottle should not be a main meal or source of most nutrition when you take it away or your little one may have issue.  And if you have not already introduce the sippy cup.
stop giving them formula around 1 and switch to cow's milk. why would you need to wean them. cow's milk tastes good.
Our pediatrician told us it was okay to starting transitioning over to cow's milk between 9 & 12 months.  We started at 9 months, SLOWLY replacing formula ounce by ounce with whole milk.  By 10 months, he was completely switched over.  HOWEVER, my child had 12 teeth at 10 months and was all ready eating a full diet of adult oatmeal (made with whole milk, not water) and step 3 fruits and veggies AND food from my and my husband's plates, so he was all ready getting great nutrition, and again, we went with what our pediatrician said was okay to do.  I would go by what your pediatrician tells you is okay to do as well.

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