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when does that black prenancy line appears on your stomach?

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Not everyone gets it. With my daughter I got it all the way and it was dark. I was about 4 or 5 months. With my son I got it but it was pale and only up to my belly button. I was like 7 months pregnant when it first started to show.
First, it's not black, it's just darker than your normal skin color. Second, not everyone gets it. With my first I had a very, very faint line. I didn't get it with my second or third pregnancies. It's just a hormonal thing and it usually appears in the first trimester, but it can appear in the second as well. Generally speaking, if you make it through the first two trimesters without it, you won't get it. I forgot that was something that even happened until I saw a commerical for Sister Wives and saw Robin's belly.
With my son I got the line toward the end of my first trimester. but with my second pegnancy with my daughter I didnt think id got it. i couldnt see it & no one else could either. then after i had her i could suddenly see it. it was really weird but still normal. pretty much everything about pregnancy can be different for each woman & each pregnancy. but dont worry about it. the one i got with my son went away after a lil bit. & i had my daughter 6 wks ago & its almost completely gone.

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