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when does your baby start moving

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i am 9 weeks on friday but have been getting a butterfly feeling below my belly button, i have been looking up the internet and its been saying that people aren't the same although a few people have been showing and have been getting these feelings i look as if i am about 3 month and have been told i shouldnt be showing at this stage.

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I think it could be that call the doctor and just ask to find out thats exciting i remeber when i first felt my babies move it was awesome.
If you're truly feeling some movement this early (which almost no one does) and you're looking big it's possible that you're having multiples. But, you might just be feeling what you want to feel. It's very common to feel all sorts of things going on in your abdomen that feel like they might be baby movements. Generally, women don't start feeling a baby move before 16 weeks, the average is somewhere around 18-22 weeks.I felt my first baby move around 19 weeks. I thought I felt my second move at 12 weeks but didn't feel anything reliable until 16-17 weeks. I'm now in my third pregnancy and I started feeling movements at 18 weeks and now at 20 weeks I'm almost positive that I can feel two distinct babies. (Ultrasound in two days, so we'll see...)
As pregnant women, many times we feel what we want to feel. I would tend to think it's either gas or a bowel movement. Both increase with pregnancy. Your baby is about the size of a ping pong ball and movements are small since the limbs just formed.
I am sixteen weeks pregnant and I started to feel my baby move on the inside one week ago.

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