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When is it normal to feel the baby move?

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Is it a very distinct feeling? Can you tell it was the baby?

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Most first time moms feel the baby move between 18 and 22 weeks. When you have more babies it gets easier to tell and you can feel your baby earlier. Part of it depends on being very in tune with your body, part of it depends on where your baby is located, how your bayb is positioned and where your baby is in relation to your placenta. If your baby is kicking your placenta it will take longer to feel the kicks.With my first pregnancy my daughter felt like a little finger poking upwards through my belly. I was about 19 weeks when I felt that. She was always really strong. With my second I felt fluttery movements starting at about 12 weeks but didn't feel anything distinct until I was about 16 or 17 weeks. With my third I didn't feel anything until 18 weeks. 
It is really tough in the beginning and with your first. I did not feel my daughter until like 17 weeks and one day I felt a thumping and was like I think that is the baby. After 20 weeks they become kicks with force and you will be able to feel them. To me it never felt like butterflies even with my son when I felt him at 11 weeks. Felt more like bubbles floating and popping. Then I would have to lay still at night and just wait and sometime I would feel sometimes I would not. At 16 weeks with him I saw a fist or foot poke out and put my hand on it and could feel it. That was special! But each baby is different and some women do not feel until after 20 weeks.At my ultra sounds I could see the baby moving but not really feel them. It was strange because I had felt them both move but there is so much room in there they can summersault and roll around no problem.
I felt a tiny fluttering around 15-16 weeks with my daughter. It was almost like bubbles popping.

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