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When is it the right time to introduce my daughters dads new GF?

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I saw an article about a women trying to figure out the right time to introduce a 10-year old to another man, but what about a 21 month old and a new born? Here's my situation: My ex and I have not been together since February 2013. The same week we split he got with his new and current girlfriend that he had met that week then started dating her. They have been together now for almost 5 months, but have moved at a very fast pace. He now says that she is his fiancé and he wears a ring on his wedding finger, but they are not married yet. My concern is that he is trying to have the new girlfriend around our daughter who is 21 months to soon. His past and girlfriends is not a very good one and right now he is in his "happiness high" as call it but sometime in the future will become "low" again and start having issues with the girlfriend and his life. He barely see's our daughter. Only on every other Sunday from 2 till 4 and supervised by myself until the courts decide otherwise. I have asked him to wait longer until he introduces the girlfriend to our daughter that right now is "His" time to bond with our daughter and not someone else. I am also currently pregnant with our second daughter and due in less than 7 weeks. My concern is that it is too soon and that my daughter is already confused about her father because he is never here for her and has chosen the girlfriend over her on two visitation days and left because I would not let the girlfriend into my home. Knowing my Ex's history with women I don't think it’s in the best interest for our daughter. I'm not saying the girlfriend will never be introduced if they actually make it, but I really need some help on this. He's been fighting with me about it and I need it to stop.

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I would talk with your lawyer about it. If it is causing problems and resulting in him missing visitation days maybe having something decided by the court would make it easier on everyone.

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