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when its the right age to send my daugther to preeschool

2 answers
i have a 3 year old daughter and some people ask me if she is already in preeschool but.what is the right age to send them to preeschool?

answers (2)

3 or 4 is a really good age to start, if you're a stay at home mom just do part time. Dropping her off in the morning and then picking her up after lunch. She will learn some social bounderies, that she can't learn at home. Every thing they do at preschool (if you find the right one) is teaching them something, in a really fun and exciting way. This will also give you a little bit of time, to run some errands and have some Mommy time. If it is a financial burden I would take her some where like Mygym ( a fitness center for kids). They have some of the same benifits and it is really a great thing for 1/4 of the price.
you can start her now. if your a stay at home mom, part time would be a great way to start. i, personally home school my daughter, because the preschools here in ms are horrid. if you are just looking to get her socialized with other kids, you could also take her to the park, enroll in a dance/tumbling class, etc.

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