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when it's time for u to hear ur babies heartbeat an u hear urs also?

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i went to a mid wife and she was tryin to listen to my babies heartbeat on the fetal doppler and she said she couldnt hear it she only heard mine but my baby was moving so she gave me an perscribtion to get an ultrasound can it be possible that she heard my babies heartbeat than mine?

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No. Doctors and midwives can easily tell the difference between the two heartbeats. We have lots of large blood vessels in our abdomen and it's easy to pick up the mother's heartbeat. A baby's heartbeat is generally 130-160 beats per minute, which is very fast. A mother's heartbeat will be between 70 and 100 beats per minute, which is noticeably slower. Also, the mother's heartbeat doesn't have the same "wooshing" sound, it's more like a thumping pulse.Baby's heartbeats can be difficult to find sometimes. As long as you're still feeling movement I wouldn't worry too much. Do go ahead and get your ultrasound done, but don't panic.
I definitely agree with V. Dont worry if the babys moving but have the ultrasound. When youre early in a pregnancy theres a lot of room in there for the baby to move & hide in so it can definitely be difficult to find that one lil spot where the heartbeat can heard. & yeah the babys heartbeat is considerably faster then yours & does have a woosh sound to it unlike yours
I am in my second trimester as well and my doctor had trouble hearing my baby's heart beat at first. he did an ultrasound and the baby was there and moving but he just couldnt hear it. a week later i went in for another ultrasound and we could hear it just fine. its heart beat was 167 and perfectly healthy. my doctor had told me that sometimes the baby just hides and its hard to detect even though the heart beat is there. i wouldnt worry.

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