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when should i plan a babyshower?

3 answers
im only 15 weeks and my mother in law wants to have my baby shower in a month and a half, I want to wait until january because the baby is due in March. When is the right time to plan one?

answers (3)

You can have one whenever you want, there aren't really any rules. But, I like to have mine much closer to my due date. I generally have mine aroudn 6 weeks before my due date so I've founb out the gender of the baby, I'm nice and big which guests love, but I'm not so close to my due date that I'm worried about going into labor. I'm Dec. 26th this time and the earliest I can have my shower is Dec. 10th (because of holidays, family visits, etc.) and it makes me nervous. There's a definite possibility that I could show up to my shower with my baby!If I were you, I would want to wait also, mainly because people will have a lot going on with all the holidays. Waiting until January or even February means that people won't be as busy and will be more likely to come to your shower.
I had my baby shower at 25 weeks because thats after I knew my baby was a baby girl. So I think thats an okay time but it can be planned and should be planned when you think its the perfect day.
Yes! It's definitely about you, not your MIL. It's great to have someone willing to throw you a baby shower, but they need to work with what you want, not what they want.

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