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When should I start buying?

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Alex has helped a lot with everything and he is helping a lot with the baby stuff. And we have everything worked out, but I was just wondering about some things, when should I start buying things? Because of my income being kinda small, considering my baby is living on my allowance and the small amount of money Alex makes.I thought it would be best to start buying now, things like clothes, diapers, bottles, all that! The only thing is, my mom told me I should wait untill I am 12 weeks because the chance of miscarriage is still kinda high. Should I? I have already gotten some clothes, like unisex things, only because Alex's mom is over excited about me being pregnant and they like to drag me to yard sales and thrift stores and buy a bunch of clothes.. So yeah.. I really thought his parents would hate my guts but they are actually more happy than I am, they are constantly touching my belly, even though right now the only thing they are feeling is my guts. It's weird, but at least someone is being happy about this! Everyone else thinks I'm a whore..Anyways, off topic for a second there! Should I start buying or wait untill 12 weeks.

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You should really wait until much later in the pregnancy. Otherwise, you'll probably end up buying way more than you need. Your mother's concern is definitely valid, you do want to wait until you know for sure that things are ok. It's also good to wait until after your 20 week ultrasound so that you can buy gender specific stuff (if you want to). 
I do wanna wait to get clothes and stuff because I don't wanna end up putting pink on my son or blue on my daughter. Most of things I get as far as furniture goes will probably be from my baby shower. I actually have a printed check list thing so I can make sure I have everything, So it will help me keep track of what I need to buy. I just need to mostly make sure the baby is healthy before I get too crazy, if that's possible..
It's best to wait untill atleast 12 weeks, Or longer. I have went out and bought a bunch of stuff and then had a miscarriage. And it does make everything harder. Plus, it's more fun to wait untill you know the sex. Then you can buy the right colors, if you want to do so.. 

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