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When should I start buying baby stuff?

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I'm 6 1/2 mnths pregnant and wondering when should I start preparing the nursery?

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Nows good... lol , I think your safe once you have passed the viability stage, ie. the baby could conceivably survive if it was born tomorrow
I would start now. These next few months are going to fly by. I got everything ready and all the clothes washed and ready because it's harder to do things the bigger you get. 
go ahead and start getting it together now. like oliviasmom said, those few months are going to fly by much faster than you think. if you know the gender, then start buying clothes now. walmart has onsies and the like starting at $3. as fast as they grow, it's ridiculous to buy designer baby clothes. buy a few pieces in newborn size, but mostly 0-3 months. invest in a diaper genie, they work wonders controlling odor. playpens come in handy when it's time to clean the house. you can keep baby nearby and safe. i swear by exersaucers. thanks to hours of daily play in one starting at around 4 months, my daughter walked at 9 months! don't waste your money on a swing until you know your baby will use one. a lot of babies hate the swings, and then you will have blown over $100. hope this helps!
by the way, gorgeous pooch in the picture! looks like a pit bull.  i have 6, myself.
The important thing is buy the things that you know you need. If there's things you'd like to try or think they'll be handy try to see if you can borrow one from a friend. There are so many things out on the market that are handy and ideal but not for every baby. I am thankful that I borrowed a swing as my third didn't really spend time in it as he wasn't fond of it. But a snuggli he loved!!!
We started ours when I was 15 weeks, and didn't finish until the day I went to the hospital to be induced. Start now.
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