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when should i start shopping?

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im 22 weeks friday and i really wanna start shopping :) my father told me to wait til a month before the babys born but thats april and it seems so far away . when did you guys start yours shopping?

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not long after we found out I started getting some of the things that we needed I wouldnt wait til a month before the baby is due you could have the baby early.. for example our little guy was just born at 37 weeks which is long enough that they consider it full term and let you go if you go into labor but thats 3 weeks before my due date was.. at the same time the second trimester is the easiest one on you as well.. the first you feel sick and the third you are getting huge lol.. I did all the shopping and setting up of the nursery adn all of those things that I could possibly get done with both of our kids during the second trimester you newver know what might happen.. I was placed on bedrest at 30 weeks with the last pregnancy and if I hadnt done alot of it before then then I woudlnt have been able to help.. just trying to help.. thats what I would recommend.. =) good luck
thanksss :)
I agree. I really wouldn't wait until a month before if for no other reason then you'll be rushed. You don't want to be in a hurry. You want to be able to enjoy it. Maybe he said to wait thinking you might get a lot of what you need at your baby shower? I always shop throughout my pregnancy that way I know I have time to get everything and get it set up but this time we are waiting until right before we have her (like the month she's due!) and I'm totally freaking out! I'm afraid I won't have time to get it all done. Plus, we have to move to a bigger house in the midst of that, or try to move with a new born. I would atleast start with some of the smaller stuff that you know you will need. Good luck sweetie :)
If you are going to have a shower, wait until after that for sure! I kinda agree with your dad though! Although I would saw maybe about 2 months for smaller things. It's all up to you! But it's kinda like Christmas... it's earsier when you start early, but you end up buying way more then you need!
i started shopping as soon as i got pregnant i was wayyyy to excited to wait
im 25 weeks and i started shopping right away with small stuff as everyone has says im having my baby shower in jan. and im due april so then i can have feb and march to shop for the stuff i didnt get at my baby shower
I'm 16 weeks and already have the crib and half the nursery stuff.  I figure I won't be getting that type of stuff for the shower, so why not.  I'm due June and I'm hoping to have most everything done by the end of April so that my last month or so I can just enjoy the pregnancy and not be rushed to prepare for the arrival.  Plus, you never know if the baby will come early or if you'll get placed on bedrest prior to the delivery.
i'm due in April, I started shopping as soon as i found out... i found some things here and there on clearance racks or whatnot and picked them up. once i found out the sex, i started buying clothes and things of all sizes. babies-r-us is having a FABULOUS clearance sale, and we just bought clothes that our bundle can grow into. i registered early, and for christmas got a travel system and playpen from my family. picking up a package of diapers every time or every other time you go shopping is smart, because then you don't have to add that on top of this and that and the other, especially if your baby is on formula... just think $20-40 for diapers and $25 for formula is a big chunk of change to have to spend every couple weeks...start now, but buy larger clothes and diapers and different things to get ready... and then let your shower guests get other things you may use as soon as the baby is born.Good luck!!!

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