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When should I switch my 2 year old from a crib to a bed?

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My daughter just turned 2 in July. Some of my friends and family are wondering when we are going to switch her from a crib to a bed. We just started potty training her. We are also expecting our second child in October. We bought a new crib for the baby so that is not an issue. I am mostly concerned that too much change too fast is not good for her. My gut is saying that she is not ready, but is it going to be harder in the long run if I wait or am I doing the right thing? Is there a better or worse time to make the switch?

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I wondered the same thing with my daughter. I was shocked when by two years old she had never even attempted to clumb out, although I knew she could if she had really wanted to. Then, about two days after discussing it with my mom, she did in fact climb out of her crib. Over and over and over. Ha ha. She was very ammused with herself. That same day I converted her crib to a toddler bed. In my opinion, I don't think there is any need to move a child to a bed until they begin climbing out. Although some suggest that you remove them from the crib when the top of the crib rail reaches the childs armpits or something like that. Either way... I don't see any reason to bring on more change at such a hectic time unless safety becomes a concern. Plus once they start sleeping in a bed you get to enjoy all of the fun of putting them back to bed multiple times a night. Ha ha. Best of luck to you!!
There's no set time to change your daughter from a crib to a bed.  If you feel your daughter isn't ready, then don't push it.  The best indicator of her being ready is when she is able to climb out of the crib herself.  Also, once the new baby has arrived, your daughter may decide on her own to switch.  After all, cribs are for "babies" - and she's a Big Girl now!
I'd do it before you get too big with the new baby in you. You will need energy to chase her back into bed. I'd attempt the bed on a day where you don't have to get up early so you can catch up on the sleep you missed from chasing her.
I think you should change to big girl bed.

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