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When should I wean my baby from the bottle? She doesn't like sippys.

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My daughter is 16 months old and very attached to her bottle. I have tried easing her into a sippy cup but she will just not drink milk out of them, only water. Any suggestions, I am kinda clueless on when it is appropriate to stop the bottle.

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Yes, you should wean her now. It's best to make the transition around 12 months, if not sooner. My daughter was on sippy cups around 11 months, my son quit bottles at 8 or 9 months.Try different brands and different styles of sippy cups. My son didn't like "traditional" styles of sippys and went straight to straw cups. Try offering her milk in a sippy cup and water only in bottles. She may not like it and it may not happen right away, but she'll choose the milk.
wait so i should have my son(8months) drink his formula out of his sippy? I knew he needs to be off of it by 12 months.. but thats it...hum... idk tricky cause i wouldnt wanna say she'll drink it if she gets hungry enough, Try having her doing something with her bottles like throwing them out the car window kids love that or giving them to good will tell her it will help another baby come up withsomething creative that youll know she'll love
@Shooker I started the transition early with my kids because it makes it easier. (The same goes for giving up pacifiers.) After about 12 months of age they start to develop emotional attachments to things like bottle and pacifiers and it makes it a lot harder for them to let go of things. My son was completely off bottles by 9 months because he saw my daughter drinking from her straw cups. The transition was more difficult with her and we had to try several different brands of cups before we found one she liked. But, she was still done with bottles by her birthday.And really Ashsamuth, if you want your daughter to get over her bottles you have to stop giving them to her. Switch to offering water in the bottles and  milk in the cups and she'll make the choice herself. It won't happen the first or second time you offer it but she will do it. Obviously you've found cups that she likes so that isn't the problem. She's just being stubborn and now you're at the point where you have to decide which one of you is more stubborn. 
If you get a sippy cup with a rubber nipple it might help has alot of cool things and they have this sippy cup called the thinkbaby trainor cup its really cool. Its under nursing and feeding then under that dishes and utinsils.
My daughter only liked the born free sippy cups at first. They are sort of shaped like a bottle and it was easier for her. She did not like having to work hard to get her milk out of the other cups. Over time we trasitioned to a hard spout sippy. But the born free with the soft nipples worked great for her.

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