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when to start kindergarden

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I'm looking for teachers or parents who have been through this situation :) My son is three, but I'm thinking about this early to prepare myself. I'm wondering if it would benefit him in the long run to start five year old kindergarten at four(not four year old kindergarten). his birthday is in the beginning of may, so he would be starting school three to three and a half months after his birthday. I know that kids are like sponges before they turn five and when I was in school I took a child development class and at that time there was research that said there was benefits to early admission. Unfortunately I'm not able to find any of the research now for or against it. does anyone have advice and how to prepare him if that is a good option. Thanks for any advice.

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I had just turned 5 when I started kindergarten. I was always the youngest in my class. Because I'd had a few years of day care, I was ready both intellectually and socially for oldest just started a pre-k program because the state law where I live is that kids have to be 5 before September 1 in order to be in kindergarten. Her birthday is in October and not getting her in school this year really bummed me out. I was definitely feeling like she was being held back. She is very intelligent, to the point that she has been learning math and reading by herself. (We work with her, of course, but she really took the initiative.) ultimately, it doesn't really matter when a child starts school. If a child is not in day care or preschool, pre-k programs are great for teaching social skills that are only gained through interacting with large groups. There is enough you can do at home to prepare kids for school. One year doesn't make a whole lot of difference. The important thing is to stay involved and interested in your child's school and education. Later on, if he is advanced he can take college courses for dual credit. Right now, there's no need to rush into school.
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i think im going to make a appointment with the guidance counselor at the school he will go to. she can give me a more realistic look on things. thanks
It really depends on the child. I have a 4 year old daughter who is in pre-k, that is operating on a 3rd grade level. She's severly autistic, and is in the special ed program. She's going for social skills and speech therapy. I would love to put her in kindergarten next year, as she will turn 5 days after school starts. With her behavior, and social problems, I'm not sure that will be possible. I'm actually having to consider home-schooling her next year if she doesn't start improving soon. Kindergarten is mostly about basic social skills, and for the kids to really master the "school" skills. Listening to the teacher, raising their hand to speak, following directions, etc. Have you looked into Head Start or tried getting some information about the Pre-K programs around your area? That's really the best place to start. You can't always tell right now if your child will be ready in 2 years, or not. Wait and see.

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