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WHEN WILL I GET MY Period and when can i get pregnancy after depo?

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I took the depo shot May 17/2012 and we are in November and I still have not gotten my period and I am really worried. This is the first and only time i have taken the shot without knowing ALL the side effects so how long is it going to take for my period to come and when can I even consider a possible pregnancy? I am experiencing menstrual cramps every month and breast tenderness but, no period what does this mean? Please any advice will help :(

answers (2)

Technically you can get pregnant right away.However some women have problems with ovulating and having their cycles regulate after using hormone birth control. Some people regulate right away, but some can take up to a year. Im sorry I dont have an actual number for you though.
Depo can cause a lot of problems with your hormones. It is fairly common for it to make your period go away. There is no way to tell when you would be able to get pregnant. Generally speaking, the longer you're on it, the longer it will take for your hormones to get back to normal. Some women find that it takes 12-18 months before their menstrual cycle returns to normal. Others can get pregnant in only one cycle after stopping Depo. Take pregnancy test to make sure you aren't pregnant now. If you aren't and are wanting to get pregnant, you'll just have to wait and see how long it takes for your cycle to get back to normal.

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