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When would it be a good time to put my 4 yr old in pre kindergarten

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My son just turned 4 yrs old. My husband and I want to give him at least 6 month of kindergarten readiness or preschool and are wondering when would be good to enroll him?

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If your son has just turned four in February, then he will likely enter Kindergarten in September of 2012. If you enroll him in a preschool now, he will get this spring semester, plus all of next year, developing Kindergarten readiness. If he adapts well to change, enjoys other children, and seems ready for school, I would enroll him in preschool now, and next September he will rise into the Pre-K class with the children he gets to know this spring. Alternatively, if you feel he will do better beginning the school year when most other kids do, you could hold off until September and put him right into Pre-K. Depending on the school you choose, there may be a summer program, and it's generally a good idea to sign your child up for a little bit of that to get him used to his surroundings and peers in a summertime recreational situation before the actual school year begins.  Lori DayEducational Psychologist and
thanks for asking the question and thanks for the advice lori, i am in the same boat! my son turns 4 next month and we have a 3yr old preschool but he just mastered potty training so now we are wondering about pre-school.  i am going to enroll him in the park district's summer class and then enroll him at the school in the fall.  good luck to you!
I have a daughter turning 4 in May and she starts Preschool this September, I think is when the preschool starts so it is safe to do so now the longer he has to prepare for kindergarten the better.

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