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whens a good time to start giving your baby tummy time

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my daughter caitlyn is 2 weeks old and she seems to be getting better at holding her head up and shes doin really good shes starting to try to grasp things when should i start giving her tummy time

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Babies should start tummy time between 2-3 months old, but I've seen where some parents do it as early as 4-6 weeks.  She may be holding her head up a little or steading herself, but not what is considered holding her head up for tummy time.  You'll see as she progresses over the next couple of weeks a huge difference. I found this information on Tummy time. A parent should introduce “Tummy Time” when the child is between 2 to 3 months of age and when they are able, for the most part, to hold their head up against gravity (even for short periods of time). Children should ALWAYS be supervised by an adult while in this position. Even newborns can benefit from tummy time! Parents should be encouraged to have their babies lie on their chest, when sleeping or dozing; infants tolerate being on their stomachs better when they are placed in a more upright, slanted position. They can also be “propped-up” with a towel positioned under their arms.Infants should be provided with "Tummy Time" at least once daily and more frequently if possible. Dr. Stacey O’Connor, an osteopathic doctor with IHA Livingston Pediatrics in Brighton, tells her patients to put their babies on their tummies for 10 minutes three times a day after they are six to eight weeks old.
I can't remember exactly when I started giving my daughter tummy time, but it was when she would pull her own head up to look at things.., Remember to start with little bits of time, with you right there. You don't want baby to end up face down and be too tired to turn her head to breath. I started with my daughter on my tummy, and she would pull her head up to look at me when I talked. Then we went on the floor, belly down facing each other. It takes time to build big strong baby muscles!
When I had my 2nd baby the nurse at the hospital told me to put him down for tummy time twice a day for 5 minutes each time. I did it but he hated it and it did no good. He actually ended up going to physical therapy because he wouldn't do anything. At 6 months old he wasn't trying to pick his head up or roll over or crawl. He did nothing. I'm not saying it was because he started tummy time so early but I do think waiting a little longer is better. Maybe when they are a month or so old but I don't think it is necessary or helpful any sooner.
You can start tummy time right away, even before the cord stump falls off. Choose a time when the newborn is fed, burped well and alert. Always supervise newborns closely while they are on their tummies. Turn them to their backs if they show signs of sleepiness or fall asleep. Tummy time can last as long as baby is content and alert. Babies will start to associate tummy time as play time and back for sleeping from a young age.
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My baby boy is 6 weeks old. We started "Tummy time" I say about 2 weeks ago..he was liftin his head before we even brought him home from the hospital! I try to put him down at least once everyday-sometimes he lasts ten minutes other none at all. Just listen to your baby and if she cries alot, try again later. I was reading this yesterday how important "Tummy time" is for babies! Good luck with your baby girl! ~Mercedes OOPS barely noticed how old this post is lol Still good info ;>

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