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Where can I find durable diaper?

2 answers
My little one is 19 moths old and to say she is active would be an understatement. I am having trouble finding diapers that don't fall apart at the seams. We used Seventh Gen until about 14 mths and then they stopped working (falling apart, leaking, ect) we have since tried Honest, Babyganics, both the target and Walmart store brands, Earth's Best and most recently Huggies little movers. We diligently change her diapers (typically sticking to a 2 hour window, never past 4) and she is always in pants or shorts or a button onesies to try and kept a barrier between her bum and the floor. We are running out of options. We will be training soon but need something to get us over this last hump. Any suggestions???

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We've had good luck with the 365 brand at Whole Foods but then we aren't having issues with any of the brands you listed except at night and we use Seventh Generation overnight diapers. Maybe you could try those for daytime use?! Good luck-so frustrating!
Huggies snug and dry works the best for me. All other kinds for huggies and other brands do not hold up for my daughter

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