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where can you donate breast milk?

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well my daughter is 4 weeks old and i have been exclusively breasfeeding and pumping. i have over 40 bags of frozen breastmilk in my freezer. each bag is about 4 to 6 ounces.. i honestly dont know what to do with it. i dont want it to go to waste but there arent any hospitals in the area that will take it.. is there anyone that can help me find somewhere to donate it?? or anyone here that could use it??

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You could try looking for breastmilk banks, but unless you're in a large area, you probably won't find any.  There are very strict rules regarding the donation of breastmilk, because we know so much more about what goes into it, that I doubt you're going to find anyone just willing to take it without running you through a battery of tests. (Any reputable group isn't going to take your word for being free from drugs/alcohol/cigarretes; they'll want confirmation.) Honestly?  If your daughter isn't drinking everything you're pumping?  I think you're out of luck.  I didn't breastfeed so I can't offer advice on how to tone down the pumping safely, but maybe you should talk to her pediatrician or your OBGYN next time you go in.
I think you should google "donating breastmilk" or call La Leche group and let them know you have built a supply that you will not use and would like to donate it.  Please do not feed/pump less and use the supply because this will bring your supply down (obviously you know the supply and demand rule or you wouldn't have such a stockpile).  Good luck, I hope you find somewhere to donate it - there are so many people who try to breastfeed and aren't successful, that surely could make good use of yours!
go to and contact the milk bank nearest you to see if they will accept a donation. some are desperate right now, as more NICUs are recognizing the benefits of human milk for babies.also, check out or google "eats on feets" or "human milk 4 human babies". these three groups have been created by mothers to facilitate sharing of spare milk.

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