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where is the cheapest breast pump at?

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Try looking on I had immediate success with finding the exact pump I wanted for 1/3 of the store price, just keep in mind you will probably need to spend and additional $15 or so to buy new accessories for hygine's sake.Spend some time researching which pump you want and know what should come with it. Be sure to ask how old the pump is and try to get one that is no more than 2 years old because the technology keeps getting better and better. I personally prefer the medela pump in style and freestyle models. If you are going to spend the money, I suggest you get an electric double pump, they save so much time and effort. manual pumps aren't worth the money, the hospital will usually give you one for free and they are a lot of work to use.
I was able to get a really good double electric breast pump through my medical insurance company.
The Lansinoh is a VERY good value.  However, you will need to get containers (I used regular baby bottles), a cooler ($7 at Target) and a pumping bustier (for hands-free pumping.  Makes all the difference in the world)
I used the Lansinoh double electric (the regular,not the new Affinity).  Bought it onsale for $100! You should look around for one on ebay too because it has a closed tube system and you can just buy the hygiene kit for it.Personally I had low milk supply and should have just invested in renting a hospital grade pump - but the Lansinoh was good.  Some insurances (not mine) even cover the rental costs. The hospital will give you the kit and let you use their pump the first few days if you tell them you want to pump.  Good luck!
walmart has a few pumps you might want to try there 
if you want to order it online then amazon can be an alternative. It has good webpages

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