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Where to take my son for his 2nd birthday????

2 answers
I would love to take him to the zoo but i cant seem to find clear prices. and i am kinda on a strick bugget.. not sure what a lil boy would like to do anyways. and his birthday is right around the winter time. so no wet pool kinda parties so what do i do??

answers (2)

Why bother taking him anywhere?  He's two, he's not going to understand the importance of a birthday or even remember the party the following week!  Why not just have a little party at home with three or four of his friends, cake and ice cream and playtime?  Get some mylar balloons (they're cheap) and some bubbles and go to town! Who cares what his friends do for their birthdays?  If his friends parents are going to judge you for what you do with your own kid, maybe you shouldn't be hanging out with them anyway.
like the fist poster stated, why bother taking him anywhere? he's 2! he's not going to really care at this age. throw him a small party, and invite your closest family members, and maybe a few friends. leave it at that. keep it simple. instead of wasting money on some fancy store bought cake, make cupcakes. cheap, and almost fool-proof. slap on some icing, and sprinkles. offer munchie food like a veggie and fruit tray with dips, and small sandwiches if your on a budget. it's not like he's going to remember any of it. the party is more for us parents, rather than the child at this age.

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