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which is better c-section or viginal birth?

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im 32 weeks and it come to start the count down and iv been talking to ppl about when they gave birth alot of them said that their c-section was better then their viginal birth and it got me wanting one dr has advised agianst it cuz im only 17 and he doesnt want me to have to undergo a major surgery so young but he said to keep asking about everything and we would talk about it the next time i mom said its better cuz i dont handle stress well but my fiance wants me to have a regular birth and im so torn about which to choose...please help

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vaginal birth is better because when you have a c-section you have to go threw the recovery which can take up to 3 weeks and its really painful to walk or even move at all and its really hard to take care of your baby because your in so much pain my sister had a c-section and she was in so much pain that everytime she move at all she cryed and she had to have people help her take care of her baby and it took like 3 and a half weeks for her to recover and once you have a c-section 1 time you cant have a vaginal birth anymore and a vaginal birth is painful labor can last hours and hours sometimes and be very painful but if you get the epidural it usually doesnt hurt as bad i had a vaginal birth i was in labor like 9 hours it was painful but i got the epidural and when you have your family there supporting you its not so bad and after you have the baby the pain is over you might have to get a few stiches but after that you can get up and walk around and play with your little baby so i deffinatly think vaginal birth is better good luck hope this helps! :)
Well look at it this way... a vaginal birth is the normal way women have been giving birth since the beginning and a c-section is major surgery. Now which one sounds like the better option? When you have a c-section there are a lot of muscles cut that have to heal and when you a vaginal birth then you may need an episiotomy or you might tear but its not through all the layers of your stomach and uterus. A c-section is so much more serious then a vaginal birth and you are so young. I would definitely go with the vaginal birth and have an epidural if it is too much for you.
I gave birth to my daughter Lillian at the age of 20. She was too big for me so I had to have a c-sec. I went to the hospital wanting a regular vag birth, non medicated...went through 10 hrs of labor, then they talked me into getting an epidural in case I had to have a i guess it helped. But honestly, the recovery took forever! You get stitched up inside, then staples on the outside...and if your staples and inssicion look good...they take them out a week later. But even after they're out, it still hurts to move! Since you are 17, and have a lot more chances later on, in my opinion, having a vaginal birth is a lot more simple. There can be a lot more complications with you'll always have a faint scar. Unless there is something seriously wrong, or the baby is too big, never ask for a c-sec. Hope this helped, hope your baby turns out happy and healthy! ~sarah
ok i dont know why people would suggest a c-section. i so badly wanted a normal vaginal birth but i could not at the last minute. ive only had one baby boy and i had to have a c-section. it really shouldnt be a choice the way i see unless its necessary. speaking from experience IT WAS HORRIBLE going through surgery. i had to stay longer in the hosptial, i had to wait to start exercising, i still have this ugly scar under my belly, i will never be able to have a vaginal birth again unless i wait years and years before i decide to have another baby if i could at that because of the c-section. it takes a really long time to heal from the inside. all you have to worry about "i imagine" if having a normal vaginal birth is the stiches "if any" you have to let cure after birth. i was told because of the c-section i could not have any more after 2 or 3 babies. my baby just turned one a few weeks ago and i am 7 months pregnant, i guess ill see what happens now.
vaginal birth is better I had a forced c-section and I wish i could go back in time and change my docter so it would have not happen a c-section limits the amount of babys you can have, it ups the chances of haveing cervical cancer, and recovery is so much harder. You have a good docter b/c a c-section is easer for them to do b/c they dont have to wait on the baby to come there in and out thats why i had a c-section b/c my docter felt it was better for him not me .
I suggest that you speak with a midwife.  They are very honest about the pros and cons of both.  My midwife prepared me for a vaginal birth throughout my pregnancy.  At my 37th week of preg, the doc determined that my baby was breech and my midwife worked with me to try and get the baby to turn but she didn't.  My midwife was the one to inform me of what to expect for my c-section and the recovery time.  Because of my midwife, I do not have a post c-section horror story.  She prepared me well for everything.
I would never have a c-section unless it was medically neccessary!!! Honestly, labour is only as bad as you make it out to be. I was very positive going into it. I knew it would hurt, it would be over, and I would have a baby in the end. I had an awsome labour (yes, painful, but manageable) and delivery. The only thing I had was oxygen, because the baby needed it, no epidural, no pain meds. Yes it hurts, but suck it up, you're bringing a new person into the world! If you go into it thinking you're going to be screaming and miserable and freaking out, you probably will. If you go into it looking at the great new person you get to meet at the end, then you will be fine! Plus screaming and freaking out is just wasting the energy that you need to push the baby out, so save your breath! I know I can sound a little mean, but having had one natural birth, and waiting for the second any day now, I can say it from experience! Oh, and as for healing, my advice (for a vaginal birth) is that even though you may be sore, get up and moving as soon as possible. I was up and going about 2 hours after delivery, and 2 days later was walking around the block. I was sore, and had stiches, but my doctor told me that by getting up and moving so soon I had shortened my recovery time by weeks! Again, it wasn't fun while I was doing it, but it was worth it in the end!
My dear, I had a c-section for my 5 year old son, it was the best decision I ever made, I stayed in the hospital for 2 days I had no pain whatsoever, only a little sore and tender around the incision. I was up and about the hospital aisles 4 hours after my son's birth. I got home, I was moving and doing stuff and people had to make stop and rest, because I really felt good. I had a wonderful recovery. Now my first birth I had vaginal, my son was 6 04 lbs, I had a tear so bad it took months to recover, till this day it hurts, and sexually it's painful. I have incontinence also. So, I did go with an elective c section afterwards, because I couldn't handle the thought of having to go through this all over again. Decision is on you, but not every woman is the same. The secret is for you to move and be on your feet as soon as possible. Cesarean section are not even remotely as bad as they put it out there, but again for me it was ideal, but for others it is not!!!
C section! My vaginal delivery might leave you with hemmoroids for life, instead of getting a cut on my stomach, I got a cut on my vagina. So my recovery was long. Couldn't sit without pain for some week's from the stitches. Today's c sections are done neatly. Not leaving a huge scar like the old days. You choose, scar on your vagina or on your tummy. Instead of cutting nerves on your tummy, it might affect nerves in your vagina... which affects your sex life too.

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