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Which thermometer works best?

2 answers
I know that a rectal thermometer is the most accurate, but I would like to get one that is not so invasive. I wanted to get one that you can either use in the ear or the forehead one. Any of you moms have a good thermometer that you like for your kids? Btw my daughter is 13 months and if you could tell me the specific brand, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

answers (2)

I've had the Mobi Digital Ultra Forehead thermometer since my daughter was born (3 years) and it's been great. It seems like it measures the temp a little low so we always measure it against ourselves to see if the temperature is normal. It can also be used in the ear, which is a little more accurate. It's fast, it only takes a second or two to register the temp and it's easy to use. It isn't perfect, but it wasn't too expensive and since it doesn't get used too often (our kids really don't get sick) it works well enough for us.
I have the Exergen Temporal Thermometer. It is okay I got it at Cosco and had a mail in rebate for $5 off from out of a Parenting. It works okay, like V's it measures a little low so we always check our head too. I searched and it is $28 at Walmart. Toys R Us might have it also. I find it a little tricky sometimes because if you press to hard it does not slide but you want good contact. So it took some practice to feel like it was doing good.

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