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Who is angry about bikinis with padded tops for little girls?

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The news just hit...Abercrombie & Fitch is doing this. See this link and watch the video. What do you think? Lori Day Educational Psychologist and Consultant

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WOW.  Stuff like this makes me glad I have boys.  If I did have girls there would be no bikinis, let alone padded ones! 
There's a couple things to keep in mind here... 1: is that Childrens designers have to make things in all sizes for those who are smaller or larger for their age. I'm sure as parents you realize that maybe your daughter is taller/shorter skinner/bigger than some of the kids in her class... 2: If you went onto Abercrombie & Fitch websit you will see that most of the swim suits that have padding the pads are removable and their not like the victoria secrets wonder bra padding were talking about here either. It's just a little thin slice to add structure to the bathing suit. And 3: I know how cold some pools, beaches, lakes ect can be as well. Personally I would rather have my girl with that thin slice of padding than her running around with visibly hard nipples for everyone to see.
My daughter is NOT allowed to wear a bikini first of all and especially not with padding!!! This is ridicuous. 
I agree with you AshlynV!
ashlynv, are we a bunch of pervs here? first of all, there is no reason that a little girl should be wearing a bikini, let alone with padding. i can understand the lining, so that when the suit gets wet, you won't be able to see right through it. but i highly doubt that men are going to be looking a a little girl like that. and if they are, then that's what we call a pedophile.
Ahh love my baby boy even more! If we'd have a girl, I definitely wouldn't let her wear anything skimpy!! Ive never worn a bikini n neither would she for A LOOONGG time SMH ;/

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