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Wht does it mean if lines on preg.tests are faint

4 answers
I took 2 home pregnancy tests at home and both came back positive but the lines were faint .Then I went tothe health department and they told me it was postive ,are their tests more accurate ,I havent been to the docter yet go next thursday.

answers (4)

it doesnt matter if its faint if its faint it could be from not getting enough pee on it
You're pregnant. My doctor said it is more likely to get a false negative than a false positive...and three positives...congrats!
Be careful, though.  I had a home test and the doctor's test with faint lines and was told everything was fine.  It ended up I had an ectopic pregnancy and a ruptured fallopian tube at week 8.  Talk to the doctor about your concerns, and take a couple more tests to be safe.  I learned the tests should get darker as the pregnancy advances, if not, you may want to see someone asap. 
My test this time around was faint but now I'm 34 weeks. I would definitely say you are pregnant! Congrats and good luck :)

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