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Why am I showing already?

3 answers
I went to get a pregnancy test, but because my period doesn't come every month, the lady couldn't figure out how far along I was. She used the last time I was spotting as my period and estimated that I was 7 1/2 weeks along. But I'm showing already. My pants are already getting too tight, and due to my morning sickness, it can't be because I'm eating too much. My stomach is already sticking out a little and is hard...undereath the little bit of softness ha. Why am I showing already? When do women usually start showing?

answers (3)

I started showing at like 9 weeks, I already had a little bump. However,the fact that I was carrying 4 babies probably had something to do with that. Women normally start showing anytime between 15-20 weeks, but I know alot of people that started showing soon to. Everyones body developes different, if your concerned that your farther along then your doctor said, get a second opinion.
If you don't know how far along you are, you need to get an ultrasound. It will make a huge difference later on. The spotting you saw could have been implantation bleeding, which would put you a few weeks farther along. As far as showing goes, it's different for everyone. It has to do with how your body reacts to the hormones from pregnancy. It's normal to be bloated early on, which is probably what you're experiencing. But, get an ultrasound so that you and your doctor know exactly how old your baby is. 
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