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why are parents letting their kids have kids?

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why is it that there are more and more teen pregnancies every day? i live in MS. we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the US. where are the parents? why are these girls not on birth control? how many people agree with me that when a girl starts their period, they should be placed on birth control. since kids are going to do what they are going to do. i know that. but parents need to step up and do something to prevent it. most teen mothers end up on welfare, food stamps, etc. i am not against govt assistance. but this is what is killing the govt. too many kids having kids. they can't support themselves, so they are forced to rely on govt assisstance. is it fair to the teens parents to have to take on the responsibility of not only raising their children, but their childrens children too?!?!?

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I work at a community health clinic where we see a lot of pregnant teenagers. A lot of them come from poverty and ignorance. Their parents are not that attentive most of the time. Some of the teenagers are ignorant to basic health knowledge. I've had girls think they couldn't get pregnant if the guy pulls out, or if they were on their periods, etc. Abstinence education does not work! I was too embarassed to ask my mom about birth control so when I was 17 I went to Planned Parenthood and got on the Pill myself. It's that easy, ladies.
well said, kimmieapples
I think that with all these shows like "Teen Mom", teenagers see them on TV and on all these magazine covers and think it's cool. I was at the grocery store and the teenager in front of me was looking at a magazine cover with one of those girls on it and said " I need to get pregnant and be on that show, they get famous and paid, and pregnant get so much attention!" Unbelievable!! They don't think of the long term commitment. That's why most of the time, the grandparents end up raising the baby. 
Wow how judgmetal of all of you, Im an 18 year old mother who not only has a full time job and goes to school but does not live with my parents, The father of the child and myself have provided EVERYTHING from day one not once have i ever had to have help. Know what eles i dont get government assistance and a t.v. show did not get me pregnant sex did! Maybe the school systems should be more open about birth controll than only abstinance and maybe parents shouldnt be so dam embarresed to discuss it so please the next time you see a teen mother not all of us fit the mold you described.
Becca,I was just commmenting on young mothers THAT I SEE EVERYDAY. I am stating facts. I have nothing against teen moms. I have quite a few friends that got pregnant when they were in high school. Also, I didn't say every teen mother was ignorant. Good for you and your FOB for taking care of your little one without any help. Unfortunately, the majority of teen moms are not like you...nor are they capable. I understand why you were defensive, but none of us are judging you.  Also, I think I stated abstince education does not work and young girls need to be more informed. So, please don't accuse me of judging you. I think we are on the same side here.
Becca, I'm not judging you. I'm just saying that most, not all teen moms aren't prepared to take care of their babies. Good for you for taking responsibility. But the majority of the time, it's not that way. I had many friends get pregnant young and most struggled and had to have their parents help.  
I know. This is America! I agree there definitely needs to be bc and condoms distributed at the doctor's office and at the nurse's office at the high school. I wish that ALL parents would talk to their kids and tell them what happens when they have sex at age 12. It cost a million dollars during a child's lifetime to raise them now. Plus, you are a parent for 24 hrs. a day unless you do end up getting a job and get child care for part of the day. The parents should ask their kids if they want all their free time taken away, money and if like to cleaning up other people's messes. The kids would say, "No," of course.
I would not want my daughter put on Birth control at Maturation stage of life. That is to young. I agree that if a parent is not taking an active role with their child their should be birth control options for them but for the children with active parents this would not be a good idea, it would send the wrong message that we might not want our children learning. I am not saying I would not let my daughter get birth control but it would be something we would discuss along with the repercussions of having sex with or without protection.
I know a girl (above 18) that had sex w/o protection to get back at her ex boyfriend. Yes, she got pregnant, used government assistance programs and got free housing out of the deal. My point is, it isn't just the under age ones that are causing the "problem". It is the ignorant adults (parents usually). Divorced parents have a harder time keeping up with the child if they are always switching back and forth to the other parents house. If I had a teenager, and my ex didn't agree to let the child use protection, you'd have a problem there. And the parents that have to work two jobs to feed their kids can't always keep an eye on them. I don't remember any talk of birth control when I went to high school and I remember girls in my classes that were pregnant. No one talked to me about safe sex.
i know what your talking about and i think if you know your child is having sex then make sure their being safe but i dont think they should be judged because they are inmature they are way to young to know how to be safe and that its not always the parents fult because sometimes kids dont listen and they go threw that fase where they dont wanna listen or they think that they can do what they wanna do when they wanna do it and parents should try a little more sometimes but their doing their best thats all a parent can do


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