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Why Can't My 8 month old son not sleep through the whole night?

3 answers
He's 8 months almost 9 shouldn't he be able to sleep through the night?. I feed him morning, lunch and dinner, i give him warm baths he takes 2-3 naps a day i tried taking one nap and now i dont know what else i should do.

answers (3)

If he needs two naps a day, let him have two. Babies aren't generally ready for just one nap until they're a year old. As far as sleeping goes, is there a reason he's waking up? Is he hungry? He should definitely be eating more than three times a day. He should have three meals of baby food but he should be drinking breastmilk/formula throughout the day. 
Most children don't sleep through the night untill 1 year old,My daughter takes 3-4 naps a day and shes 10 months old.If he wakes up its probably because he needs something or had a bad dream, as far as only eating 3 times a day thats not enough for his age. Like vforventure said he should eat 3 meals a day in baby food, but alot more of breastmilk/formula.
Like the other ladies said, you should be feeding him more. I feed my daughter 3 meals a day and snacks a few times a day also, on top of the bottles. He is probably waking up because he is hungry. Babies are very active at this age and need nutrition to fuel their bodies. 

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