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Why do I feel like this?

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Me and my husband have been getting along better accept for one little problem, everytime he trys to make a move on me I cringe. I don't mind to kiss him but I don't want sex at all it makes me feel sick. Why do I feel like this?

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Probably because you've had two miscarriages. Explain your feelings to him. He should be sensitive to your needs. What you went through was traumatic and I know neither one of you want to go through it again. Your body needs time to rest and heal. He needs to understand that, no matter how frustrating it may be for him.
V, she's had 3 miscarriages according to her postings! The cringing about sex thing sounds more like prior sex abuse or rape to me. A week ago you orgasmed by him just touching you and now you can't stand him touching you? Maybe there is something from your past that all the recent stress is causing you to react to. Just a thought.
Oh really? I thought it was just two. Either way, I think she needs a break and some serious therapy.
I looked back at some of the questions and seen where she had a miscarriage I only seen two also. Sorry for the miscarriges no matter how many there were thats horrible. I think after you have been through all those things it wouldn't be normal for you to want sex, Explain to your husband how you feel and if he loves you he will be okay without sex.
V, Here are a few posts that Oceana has made...If you think I am mean it is only because I think she is full of S**T:I went to the doctor they said the bleeding was me loosing the baby... They said I had scar tissue and it was to soon they said wait 2 or 3 months and then I can try for another baby. I would have been 8 weeks in 5 days but I guess thats all over now we only knew I was pregnant for like 3 days so we didn't have time to bond, its not as hard this time but its still hard to have a baby die inside you but I will try again when caitlyn is around a year old or 2...asked by oceana brooks 1 week 2 days ago??22wks and having cramps that feel like labor is it false or notasked by oceana brooks 13 weeks 2 days ago??i had a miscarriage caitlyn was choking and t scared me so i noticed i was bleeding and went to the dr they said i lost the babyasked by oceana brooks 11 weeks 2 days ago***A miscarriage usually occurs in the first 3 months of pregnancy, before 12 weeks' gestation. A small fraction of miscarriages — less than 1% of them — are called stillbirths, as they occur after 20 weeks of gestation.?im pregnant with sextuplets and i only gained 2 pounds am i not eating enough or is something wrong with my babies because when i was pregnant with my daughter caitlyn i gained 5 pounds when i was 11 weeks i got big fast and now im 9 weeks and i only gained 2 pounds and i dont think thats really normalasked by oceana brooks 31 weeks 2 days agoAm I crazy?? Or is Oceana a bold face liar? It makes me think she is possibly lying about every having lost a single baby which is why I am so pissed off. I have had family and friends miscarry and yet she has them all the time and they seem not to effect her in the least
Well, you're not crazy. Something definitely seems off. But, I really hesitate to judge others, especially when it's only from their behavior online. So I'm going to refrain from passing judgement and commenting further than I already have. It sounds weird, it sounds crazy, but beyond that, I don't know. I do see what you're talking about though.
I don't like to judge people online,it does seem a little weird but I can't judge her. I think its wrong to comment on her question and talk about her like she can't see it and I know that everyone judging her isn't gonna help her through this hard time.
I didn't want everyone to know but when I got pregnant when caitlyn was 3 months I planned it I used fertility treatment. I got pregnant with sextuplets but a few weeks later five of the babies died the sixth one was still alive, at 22 weeks I had a tramatic thing happen and the baby died so yes I kinda had 3 miscarriages 
Why would you take fertility drugs to get pregnant 3 months after you'd given birth? What doctor would even condone that kind of action? Don't you know how difficult it is on your body to do something like that? There's a reason doctor's advise women to wait at least a year between pregnancies. Your uterus needs a certain amount of time to heal. Getting pregnant too soon, within 6 months of the previous pregnancy, greatly increases your risk of preterm labor and other complications. I don't mean to be rude, but that is honestly one of the stupidest, most reckless stories about family planning that I think I've ever heard. And I have a really, really hard time believing that any doctor would allow you to go through with something like that.
The thing is Oceana at 22 weeks there is a fetus in there and you cant just miscarry and that is it! Your stories keep changing so its really hard to believe you. AT 22 weeks along there is a baby that would leave your body when you miscarried either that or you would have to have a d&c. It seems like everytime I point out the flaws in your story you come up with a quick explanation that seems like another lie to cover the original lie. Like I said if you have ever lost a baby I am sorry for that. Please seek help because you have brought a baby onto this earth that needs stability from both her parents. If your just bored and seeking attention say that too. I am bored alot even with 3 kiddos and a full time job. I wouldnt mind talking to you on here, emailing and even chatting on the phone. Just say so.. I am sure there are others on here who would do the same. Let us know :)


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