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why do i feel so depressed.? all of a sudden.?:(

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so now i am starting 2 feel very depressed and i don't like it everytime i fight with my babydaddy he always make's me feel like the bad person when he started it!! & then he tell's me oh you don't care about me nomore you don''t love me nomore and him and my bestfriend can't get along at all and i hate that like she dosen't do anything to him and he talk's bad about her 4 no reason! and i hate it! and he start's it all! and i get mad at him and defned her and he get's mad and say's oh yeah defend a friend and not me the father to your ababy and i feel bad & then i cry and get all depressed.?:( what can i do

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DO your best to ignore his comments. You're both under a lot of stress and obviously have different ways of dealing with it. While he shouldn't be acting the way he is it's best if you try not to make it worse. Don't argue with him, don't say things you know will make him upset. I know it sounds like a stupid way of dealing with things but chances are your boyfriend is just having a hard time delaing with everything. And unfortunately, you're probably the easiest person he can take it out on. Again, it's not cool and it's not something you should have to deal with, especially while you're pregnant. But, it is what it is.My husband has PTSD from fighting in Iraq and I have to deal with the same kinds of things you do. My husband has a more legitimate excuse for his behvior, he honestly can't control his emotions all fo the time. But, it's still very hard on me sometimes. I just do my best to ignore him when he says mean things because I know he doesn't mean them. I know he wants to be able to control his anger better.
I don't think your depression is out of no where at all. I've been having trouble with depression too.My husband was having a hard time understanding my pregnancy symptoms. Even though he knew that they were to be expected, he wanted me to magically overlook the nausea and moodswings. I don't really know how it happened, but he's been so patient and understanding the last few weeks. Its been wonderful. I think he just need time to adjust. Whatever the cause for his improved attitude, I am feeling sooo much better; I'm not depressed at all.Your depression is probably both hormonal and enviromental. Its hard to be happy when you're fighting with your partner. The last comment was right on, don't feed the fire. let things calm down there a bit and if he still isn't adjusting, talk to him about how you feel, and about how fighting is impacting your. Make sure you aren't agressive, don't accuse him, just tell him. When my husband realized how much i needed his support, he came around. Good luck!
v i do tell him let's talk about this not argue or fight me and the baby don't need this! andd i'll be trying to talk to him and he Just yell's over me! and yeah my boyfriend has ADHD & oh that's crazy i hope you and him have a happy life and with your little one to come:) and i don't say stuff 2 make him mad i tell him can you to just please get along forreal's it ain't that hard! and then they both get mad then i get mad at them and there still mad at me! so i Just ignor them both! till he clam's down & she does 2! &10Erin30- i do talk to him but he just dosen't seem to listen to me! but ima just keep trying because we've had a really hard time with this pregnancie through it all my mother in law and mom are the only one's that are supportive and can help us! and they help us with our problem's when we fight!
If he can't get along with your friend it's best that you don't have them around each other. This is obviously something that is causing a lot of stress in your relationships with both of them. Don't try to hang out with them at the same time, don't talk about one to the other. I'm sure it's hard because they're both important to you, but it seems like that's probably the best thing for you.
I Know That's What Im Gonna Start Doing From Now On! Thank's

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