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Why Do I Have That Pain In My Tummy:(??

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4 Like The Past Month Of My Pregnancie I've Been Having This Really Badd Pain In My Tummy:( It Hurt's Really Bad It's On My Left Side Of My Tummy..I Get This Sharp Pain Every Once In A While & Whhen I Do It Stay's 4 A Good While..Ive Asked My Ob What Could It Be He Said It Was Normal I Don't Think It Is My BabyDaddy Say's It's The Baby Moving..What Could It Be.? And Also, When I Go To Pee I Get This Really Bad Cramp Close To My Vagina..And Also, I Have Really Bad Back Pain That I Cry! Does AnyOne Know AnyThing That I Can Do.?

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That sounds like what I've been experiencing throughout this pregnancy. This is my third and I didn't have anything like this with my first two. The only thing I can tell you is that it is completely normal, so don't worry. I've had abdominal cramping and sharp pains for all sorts of reasons: bending over, twisting, peeing, standing up, etc. As your muscles and ligaments stretch it's easy for them to be strained or pulled in the wrong way while you're moving normally. It sucks, but there's nothing you can do about it. If your doctor isn't concerned and you aren't having any bleeding I wouldn't worry. Back pain can also be normal. Your posture changes as your baby and belly grow and pressure is put on your back in ways that you aren't used to. Just try to relax as much as possible.
Ohh Ok I Know When I Bend Down & All That I Get It 2..& I Will Thanks'
When I was pregnant with my son I got horrible cramps and it would hurt I would almost cry. I think it is something to do with the muscle and ligaments stretching. I do not know why it hurt more with my son then with my daughter. Sometime just rolling over in bed would set me off and it would hurt.When I would go pee it would cause me to have a contaction. I was told it was normal and a lot of women have it happen. I did not know it was even happening at first. When I went in for my 18 week ultra sound I went pee and the tech came in when I was using the bathroom so she did the ultra sound right when I got out. At first my utterus looked odd and my placenta out of place. Then she checked it again at the end and the placenta was where it was supposed to be (not particially over my cervix) she said I must of been having a contraction and that is what caused it to move.
i know that happens to me to and wow good thing your baby is ok:) nad ya i know sometimes it feels like i get contractions alot to..

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