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why do i have vaginal odor now that im pregnant

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I never had a smell before. Pap smear was normal. The smell is the strongest during sex

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 This happend to my best friend when she was pregnant too and her doctor told her it was because of pregnancy hormones... Or you can smell it more now because when your pregnant your body becames more sensitive and reactive to the scents around it !! You can blame this again to pregnancy hormones called estrogen !!
they make a vaginal wash that you can use in the shower. i believe they are called intimate cleansers. it should help with the odor. you will find them with the tampons, and douche boxes at any drugstore, or walmart. fairly cheap too-most are around $3
@pinkpaisley8709-you are not suppossed to use any of those products while pregnant. i had the same isse while pregnant and asked my obgyn about those products-she said not to use them
I thought douches were off limits too. It is normal. And your sense of smell has changed so you are probably the only one noticing it. I wouldn't worry about it unless you are discharging stuff. (My doc brought up a question at the last appt. about discharge so I figure it's not a good thing.) And if you are paranoid that someone else can smell it, mist yourself with perfume (just make sure you can tolerate the scent before leaving the house   :)    .)
there is no reason as to why you can't use a vaginal wash during pregnancy. it is meant for external use only. i was not telling you to douche, i said they are usually stocked next to the douche boxes. if you are against the wash, they make wipes as well. you'll find them in the same aisle.
i used the wipes while pregnant
honestly i wouldnt use any of it. it ur pap came back normal , using a wash even washes away good bacteria which can still cause an infection. i would worry unless u have an unusual colored discharge. the smell is normal(unfortunately alot of women have the same problem during pregnancy) even though it may be grose.
jessandmike08,so your saying that you don't wash your area with anything? wow. bacteria is what causes a smell. we don't just stand in the shower, and rinse off with water, we use soap! that's how we get clean! same goes for your cooch.
It's because of the hormonal changes during pregnancy. It's completely normal, don't worry.

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