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why do i still weight as much as i did when i was pregnant.?

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so i've been to the doctor & they checked my weight & i weigh as much as i do when i was prego!! but im not as big anymore i thought i had lost weight because im always moving aound but nope!! is this normal i didn't have time to ask because i was in shoock for a bit lol(: but also i was wondering will i get my son sick.?? if im sick!? i barely started getting sick about 2-3 days ago..? and also when i change my son he cry's like when i wipe him with a wipe.? is it because it's too cold,? i try and heat it up but he still cry's.?

answers (10)

People lose weight at different rates. Make sure you are getting active and eating healthy. Fruits, veggies, whole grain and not junk like soda, ice cream and chips. It is tough but it will be best for your son. Try to go for walks if possible. If there is a mall near by and you can drive go there and walk around if it is too cold out.There is a chance your son will get your cold. You do hold him and care for him so the germs may spread. Wash your hands ofter and after everytime you blow your nose. If you have a stomach bug again make sure you are really washing your hands well and often.A lot of babies cry when they get their diaper changed. The air is cool and you are stripping off their warm clothes. If his bum is red he might have a rash and the wipes may be hurting it. Try using some gental & natural wipes. They tend not to hurt their sensitive skin as much.
After my first baby was born I lost weight very slowly because she was on formula. With my son I lost weight a little quicker because I pumped breastmilk for a while. This time I'm pumping about a quart of milk a day and I'm losing weight like crazy. It took two weeks for me to lose the baby weight (about 15 pounds) and in the last three weeks I've lost another 12.Just make sure you're eating healthy foods and you should lose the baby weight eventually.Your son is on formula, right? If you're sick he might get sick also. Babies who get breastmilk get antibodies for illnesses when their mother is sick, so they don't get sick as often. But, your son might not get sick even if he's on formula. When my first baby was little my husband got a really bad flu. She and I stayed healthy even though he held her and we all slept in the same bed.My girls were both born in winter and both hated diaper changes for several weeks. I have a wipes warmer that I used for both of them and it helped a little bit. But, taking off their clothes and diaper exposed them to cooler air and upset them. Vivienne is 5 weeks old today and just last week she finally stopped crying during diaper changes. I also use natural wipes (Earth's Best or BabyGanics) which aren't made with chemicals that can irritate skin. I'll be switching to the Honest Company for diapers, wipes, cleaning and skin care products though. They're an online company that delivers everything right to your door. All their products are natural, chemical free, and are eco-friendly. They're a little cheaper than the Earth's Best and BabyGanics products I was buying at Babies R Us. They even send you products to try for free. I love their patterned diapers and wipes and am excited that I won't have to worry about going shopping for all that stuff!
sjvanderwey - i do eat healthy foods, and there are days when i crave a little bag of chips with a salad! and i do go for walks but lately alone its been raining and cold for the baby, and i give him a little bit of both like formula thru the day and breastfeed during the night, i do wash my hands alot. and no his bum isnt red theres no rash i think its just the wipes!.v- wow! your lossing alot of weight! and no im doing a little bit of both!  and oh i want a heat warmerfor the wipes but i dont have enough money too by it..
I was not saying you were eating bad just a suggestion. And make sure you are getting the protien you need. That helps and eat breakfast. Your body needs the fuel to get going. I breastfed both my son and my daughter. With my daughter I gain 50lbs when I was pregnant and lost 25 in the hospital having her and lost 15 over the course of the year and another 15 right after she weaned. With my son I lost none in the hospital but I swelled up so that would be why. But I lost all 40lb within 2 months.Make sure you make smart choices and try to get active that is all it is. Maybe make a food journal so you can keep track of what goes in. Maybe you will see something you did not realise. I know when I am home a lot I snack a lot. More then I need to. Good luck
i know you didn't(: and ok i don't eat breakfeast at all! i eat my breakfeast at like around 1:30 when i have time, and wow and yah i am gonna do that i do but i just wanna nap when i can,..and thank's(:
my first daughter was so severly allergic to baby wipes that i had to use (and still do) a wet washcloth to clean her up. everyone loses weight at a different rate. i unfortunately have the exact opposite problem. i cannot gain weight unless i'm pregnant. i can just see all of your eye rolls! lol. no matter what i eat or how sedentary i become! if you eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis, then you should not have a problem loosing the weight in due time. switch your white bread and pasta to wheat, and try eating a salad for lunch and dinner. it is said that people who eat breakfast do weigh less. try a bowl of steel cut oats for breakfast with fresh fruit on top, or a bowl of cereal. i like special k with red berries, multi-grain cheerios, or anything that kashi offers. a salad is quick and easy, and you can top it with just about anything. i like mine with grilled chicken, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, cucumbers, broccoli, and feta with a vinnagrette dressing. if several months go by and you are still having issues dropping the weight, then talk to your doctor about it.
i gained 60 lbs during my first pregnany, and about 45 with my second. after delivery with both babies, i looked like i was never even pregnant. flat stomach and all. my baby is six weeks old, and i'm back in my size 2/4 clothes.
pinkpaisley8709 -thats sad to hear but aleast you know now and it didn't get to server! and hahah wow! your lucky lol(: and yeah i do sometimes i just eat white rice with veggies & nothing i even do an excersie video 4 30 mins or how long i can go and nothing i was operated from my appendix when i was about 7 or 5 can't remember that well and i was very skinny when i was little up until i was in 6th grade and my doctor perscribed me some pill's to gain weight! and every since then i can't seem to drop the weight! but i keep trying i try and excersie as much as i can and eat as healthy as i can but nothing seems to work! & wow! at least you fit back in your jeans lol(: and i try going for walk's with my son but its been too cold
also, drink a glass of water before you eat a meal. that will fill you up quicker, so you will tend to eat less. switch your white rice to brown. white flour turns into sugar when it hits your body. whole grains are sooo much better for you, and will help with weight loss. you don't have to workout every day. i only workout 3-4 times a week, but won't be able to much longer. i'm due to have back surgery on the 21st of this month.
ohh ok then thank's(: and aww that suck's i hope && pray everything goes good and you come out well!! i'll keep you in prayer's also my son is a month now!!

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