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why do only my boobs itch like crazy no matter how much lotion i use?

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i thought it was just my bra i was wearing but it seems to be any fabric that is close to my chest any suggestions because it is driving me insane

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Mention it to your OBGYN next time you go.  I had the same thing a few years go - itchy boobs that remained itchy no matter how much lotion I used, unrelated to pregnancy, since I wasn't pregnant at the time - and my regular doc ended up prescribing me a steroid cream which cleared up the problem almost immediately. 
thank you i will try that
i had the same problem, and it lasted all throughout my pregnancy. mention it to your doctor, like the first poster stated. he/she could be able to help you with that.
You may have to use head and shoulders on them to get rid of the extra dry skin. That is what a doctor recommended to me when I had flaky skin. Granted, I never let the shampoo sit long enough to clear the problem up.

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