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Why does my 7-year old need to be in constant physical contact w/ me?

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She started to become realy clingy last year after she started kindergarten. I understood it then, a new school, new kids, new teacher. But now, over a year later? She has no problems going places, to friends or family. But when we are at home she is constantly hanging on me, trying to sit in my lap, I can't go to the bathroom alone. She's the same way with my husband if I'm not home. When we go places, she is constantly hanging onto me. It's not that she is scared, she just has to touch. I try to relish it because I know she will be a teen before I know it and won't want anything to do with me. But sometimes it just gets to be too much. At my folks house the other day I couldn't have a conversation with my mom because my daughter wouldn't quit hanging all over me. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Is she an only child? I know I was like this for a few years when I was young, only it wasn't with my mom, it was with my teachers. My mom wasn't around a lot, so I needed attention from other people. Your daughter may be acting out a subconscious desire for physical contact. Since she started school it's likely that she is getting less of the contact she needs. Even in day care or preschool, teachers can be fairly affectionate. Her behavior doesn't sound that abnormal. Kids explore their world in a very physical way, and one way they express their love and get comforting is through physical contact with parents. She's still young, so it makes sense to me that she would still be cuddly. But, if you think it's a problem, talk to your pediatrician. He or she can give you some ways to ease her out of this behavior that will still keep her feeling loved, safe, and secure.

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