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Why does my son hit me or himself all the time? He constantly does it.

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i have that alot too i wish i could know
My son did it too. There could be several reasons why he hits you & himself a lot but it depends on how old he is. So how old is your son?
the most logical answer is the fact that his speech skills may still be developing and he is unable to express himself. this leads to frustration and the only way he seems to know how to cope with that is by hitting. when he hits you, tell him firmly "we don't hit people. i know you are angry, or upset about something, and that's ok! but it's not nice to hit." try to stop the hitting before it starts by blocking his arm or something along those lines. my daughter is a biter, and i have tried everything to get her to stop. after speaking with the ped he suggested trying to prevent it by pulling away or covering her mouth gently with my hand. it took some time, but she learned rather quickly that biting is not acceptable behavior. good luck!
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