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Why doesn't my 20 month old like to take baths or showers?

2 answers
She screams when I put her in the bath and when I tried showers she screams also.

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some kids just don't mind being dirty. i would not advise putting a 20 month old in a shower. a bath is best at this age. my daughter is 20 months also. take her to the store and let her pick out some cheap bath toys. rubber duckies, stacking cups, etc. then help her pick a new bath soap, and a fun poofy sponge. wal-mart has rubby duckies for $1, and cute animal poofs for $2. encourage her to have fun at bath time. let her splash around a make a mess if she wants. after all, it's just water. pretty easy cleanup.  or try reading a book to keep her occupied.
add some bubbles to the bath water using the same soap you wash her with. my daughter is the same age, and has a blast with bubbles. also, crayola makes bathtub crayons. these are great!!! best part? easy cleanup. wipe it off with a wet rag, and your done.

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