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Why doesn't my 4 year old daughter like me? she prefers grandma

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I'm a 22 year old mother with a 4 year old princess. Well my daughter has always liked my mother more then me. She doesn't like doing anything with me. I've had some really bad moments that need me in the hospital for couple days and now I'm taking antidepressants and sleeping medicine well sometimes I forget to take my meds which end up me locking myself up in my room. My daughter stayed more at my mom's house then my house. I've told my mother she gets her weekends only but she doesn't listen to me, I live with my bf(not my baby daddy) he treats her like if she's his which I love but she just doesn't like living with us when she's here about to go to bed she tells me she wants grandma n it breaks my heart hearing that every time (I end up crying) She doesn't even wanna call me mom she calls grandma mom and the closest I get is "Mami leslie" I've told her I'm her mom to call me mom she only does it when she wants me to buy her something. I'm just desperately want my daughter to feel/look at me the same way she looks/feels about grandma. What am I doing wrong?

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