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Why is my 11 month old vomiting after eating "real" fruits & veggies?

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My son eats everything by Gerber, stage 2, just fine. A few months ago, we tried mashed bananas but he gagged. We tried mashed avacado, pear, apples and sweet potatoes. From Gerber, he eats every last drop. When I give these to him au natural, he gags and throws up! I do not puree the foods for him, but leave them lumpy for his proper mouth development. Any ideas?

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Maybe he just isn't ready for a chunkier texture. If I were you I would switch from Gerber to an organic baby food brand to make sure the food he eats is more natural, or you can just puree them yourself. You can also be giving him combinations of foods. Just give him time and keep trying different food textures. If he gags, don't try to give him more. Eventually he will adjust to new textures, some kids just take longer than others. You can also try giving him soft pieces of food to feed himself, sometimes babies like that more than chunky purees.

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