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Why is my 17mo acting lIke this?!?!?!

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Ok so since the 4th of July I've had a perfect, playful, happy baby. We got back from the 4 day weekend in Oklahoma back to el paso. He started his 1st day of real daycare facility the next day. Note, he has been cared for by coworkers wives in home, no problem. He was shy to leave us at first bUT once we left he was fine the entire day until we picked him up. Then a new person came about. From the time we got through the front door to bedtime he was crying, no, he was screaming. Following us wanting to be held. Now we have never spoiled him to where he wanted to be carried 24/7. But why was he acting like this. It happened everyday for the rest of the week. The weekend same thing but once he woke up and just in between the day. This has been going on every day since the 7th of july. It is the 24th now, and nothing has changed, he wants to be held, throws himself on the floor, throws things, he's not the happy baby we know. It's become so stressful that after a long day at work we want to spend time with him, and now we dread it knowing this is what we are in for. It makes me feel bad seeing him like this. What did I do? What can I do? Why is he doing this? And it's only for me, if daddy gets him and I'm late he is fine with that just a little fussy but when I get home all hell breaks loose. I didn't do anything to teach him this behavior. I'm pregnant with my 2nd child and it is so overwhelming having to deal with this and house chores and pregnancy I need advice fast!

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