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why is my 3 years old daughter afraid to learn

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my 3 and half years old, refused to learn, even if you make learning fun like playing a game, things she already know like simple colors, numbers 123, if you ask her, she personality changes, she display sign of being scared, even if ask playfully, by parents or family, she will shot down, gets fraustrated easily, starts to cry, will most of the time say i dont know, i dont want to do it. Please help.

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Since your daughter is 3 1/2 check with your local school district to see if you can have her tested.  Some states have Parents as Teachers programs.  You can also sign up for that.  There are a variety of reasons how come she could be acting this way.  I am a mom of five and been through many things now.  My oldest is 21.  I also have 2 children that have severe autism and 1 child that has Aspergers.  The best thing you can do for your daughter is to at least begin to investigate what is going on with her.  It is awesome that you are already listening to you mother's intuition that something here does not seem quite right.  It could be as simple as maybe she needs glasses.  Best thing to do is have it checked out via testing through your local school district and also consulting with her doctor.  If either of these two sources do not provide you with what your intuition tells you seems to be right....please listen to that and then seek further testing or a second opinion.  The reason I say this is I knew by 20 months old that my two youngest (a set of twin boys now 12) had something going on.  I just blamed on the terrible 2's hitting early.  I even had them tested at 3 1/2 like I am recommending you do.  One son was said to have an issue with his speech and language the other son they told me appeared to have social emotional issues.  Oh if I could go back and have started the process of elimination earlier.  I also would have sought more opinions before just accepting the first one.  it's been a long journey but I have learned so much in the process.  I have learned things that I would not trade if I had the chance to.  All the best!Mom of five 
Every child learns at a difference pace so I agree with Mom of five, trust your gut.  The more you push, the more they seem to pull back; so I would focus on making learning fun in non-traditional settings like the grocery store, in the toy room, during eating and bath time.  Try asking these type of learning questions:  Let's get 6 red apples; do you want to help me count them out?  Where are the bananas?  How many banana's are on this bunch?  Do you want to count by yourself or should Mom help you count?  How many blueberries did Mom put on your plate?  Children that have daily conversations at home at an early age are the ones that excel in school.  Start early by asking open ended questions during daily activities to get your child to open up and talk.  Make this a daily habit that continues until college and you will be the one that your child turns to for support and advice.  Sadly, Kindergarten teachers often complain that many children come to school that first year and can only answer to "yes" or "no" type questions. Stacey Kannenberg, "Ready To Learn Mom"Cedar Valley Publishing & 2010 Wisconsin Mom Congress Delegate & 2011 Mom Congress Mentor 
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